Cheap Robux Guide

Do you want to be able to get Robux cheap? Tired of paying ridiculous prices from Roblox? Then RBX Packs is the place to go! The $5 loot crate could give you 5000 Robux! All you have to do is follow the steps, pay with G2APay or PackPoints, open your loot box and get your prize! The lowest prize will always be the same if not better than what you would get if you bought from Roblox.

  1. From the home page ( select the pack you want.
  2. Take a look at everything you can win from your pack, then enter your username and click ‘Proceed’
  3. Join one of the groups available on the screen, click on the image of the group and it redirects you to Roblox. Click to join the group (if it says you’re unable to join, check that you’re not already a member of 5 groups, if you are, you may need to leave one of your other groups). Then click to proceed.
  4. Tick the box after having read the terms and conditions, and pay either via Pack Points or G2APay, where you will be redirected to their payment provider.
  5. Click ‘Open Pack’ and watch the spin wheel and where it stops is what you get. Your Robux will be automatically sent to your account!